Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The most obvious safety items on the Ferrari 360 Spider are the twin roll-over hoops placed just behind the seats. These provide protection should the car end upside down plus the windscreen frame has also been braced with extra strengthening should the worst happen. All Spiders come with ESP traction control and twin front airbags as standard.

As the Ferrari 360 Spider is mid-engined, lowering the roof does not affect the boot space which is at the front of the car. While not huge, the luggage compartment is better than most supercar rivals’ and offers enough space for a couple of soft bags for a short holiday. There’s limited storage behind the seats, but otherwise, the Spider’s cabin is short on places to keep loose items.

Basic equipment

The basic equipment list includes equipment that is standard across all versions of the Ferrari 360 Spider (00-04).

  • PAS

Equipment by trim level

To view equipment options for a specific trim level, please select from the following list:

Spider equipment

Spider standard equipment
Same as basic equipment
Spider optional equipment
None available

Spider F1 equipment

Spider F1 standard equipment
Same as basic equipment
Spider F1 optional equipment
None available