Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The 612’s driving environment is oddly spacious with a bizarre amount of knee room available. The driving position is good and the dashboard’s simplicity makes it handsome and easy to use. The rotary knobs for the climate control are all that you see on the centre console and the five giant air vents facing the front occupants mean a ready supply of cabin air.

But it’s the shapely steering wheel with its evocative Prancing Horse emblem that grabs the attention. It feels great to hold and gives a clear view of the instruments beyond, although the smaller speedometer is less visible than the rev counter.

This is where those ungainly proportions start to make sense. No matter which seat you choose, you’ll find ample head and leg room. And that includes those in the back. Unlike the small, minimally upholstered perches you find in the back of many expensive coupes, those in the 612 are perfectly capable of carrying adults on journeys of several hours without complaint.

But the front of the cabin with its greater glass area and wide quilted leather seats is still the more pleasant place to be. Ride comfort is generally good but the suspension can thump over pot holes.