Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2

The cabin of the FF has been completely redesigned for the GTC4Lusso. Ferrari still has the same individual ambience for each seat, highlighted by the pair of prominent air vents facing each passenger space, but many of the contours and panels in the cabin have been changed to reflect the car’s new exterior design.

As you’d expect there’s high-quality leather absolutely everywhere and you won’t find the merest hint of hard, unattractive plastics here.

Thankfully there’s also a new multimedia system in the GTC4Lusso. It’s based around a 10.25-inch touchscreen with a secondary optional 8.8-inch touch-sensitive display exclusively for the front passenger to use – for example to view the car’s performance statistics in realtime or to change the song while the driver continues to view the navigation on the main screen.

The media system has a far quicker processor, more memory, the ability to display multiple types of content simultaneously via a split-screen mode and Apply CarPlay for even more smartphone-based functions. The larger of the two screens can also control the cabin’s temperature, but curiously Ferrari has chosen to retain the physical controls for this too. It’s your choice which you use, but we find the latter to be safer and more intuitive.

This is a Ferrari but it’s not a sports car, and with that in mind the firm has judged comfort levels perfectly in the GTC4Lusso. It’s firm, but never crashy; even over the poorest of road surfaces. The seats are brilliant, with lots of adjustment and support so they keep you in place when cornering quickly, yet you’d happily drive 200 miles in absolute comfort.

We found the cabin nicely insulated from road and wind noise – the latter helped by the car’s improved aerodynamics – but crucially you can hear as much of that wonderful engine note as you’d ever want. Ferrari has dialled down the din during low-speed cruising and motorway driving, however, which makes the GTC4Lusso a nicer car to drive everyday than its predecessor, the FF.

There’s a lot of space in the front, both in terms of head- and elbow room. You can further improve the cabin’s ambience by selecting the optional panoramic glass roof, which features special insultating properties to quickly heat the interior of the car when it’s cold and reflect the sun’s rays when it’s warm.