Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8

The Parkers Verdict

The 500L Cross is a very niche example of a car that’s already difficult to pigeonhole. But with a 500 badge on the back offering a certain degree of appeal (at least in terms of eye-catching styling and personalisation options), that can’t hide a few downsides.

Its interior isn’t as enticing to sit in as a regular 500, nor does it feel as well-built as some rivals. However, it’s a very practical car considering its compact exterior dimensions, and it should prove fairly cheap to run if you opt for one of the frugal diesels.

Just don’t expect a scintillating driving experience, although that’s unlikely to be high on the list of priorities for potential buyers. The 500L’s bright cabin, comfortable ride and easy-to-drive nature will be much more appealing, while the low running costs of the diesels will appeal to cost-conscious buyers.

Read on for the full Parkers Fiat 500L Cross review to see if it’s worth the extra over not only the regular 500L, but also its practical alternatives