Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Inside the car is a mix and match of features and designs from a variety of models from the standard 500, Panda and even the larger Qubo model. This means that everything is recognisable, well-laid out and easy to find and use. Like the standard 500 model, the manufacturer has focused much on the customisation available to potential buyers. There’s a huge range of colours and different materials available to choose from.

Some of the finishes do look a little cheap and as though they may scratch quite easily – the red vinyl option in particular. There’s also a mix of hard shiny materials – these look a little basic – and softer-touch choices that feel much nicer and give the cabin a more upmarket appearance. The chunky gearstick feels robust and pleasing to use. The air-con dials look as though they’ve come from the brand’s commercial vehicle side rather than the dainty 500.

The seat can be moved to various positions and steering wheel is also adjustable so most drivers should be able to find a comfortable position quite easily.

Fiat 500L comfort levels all depend on whether you are the driver or rear passenger and are something of a mixed bag. For the driver the seats don’t offer enough support. There is a lumbar support switch, which helps, but lateral support is almost non-existent while the seat itself feels flat as if you are never really in it. In terms of seat comfort, the rear passengers are confronted by a similar issue.

The seats feel flat and there is no support for individual seats, so you could soon end up on your friend’s lap. The legroom and headroom on offer for those in the back, however, is exceptional. Even with a six foot plus driver you’ll have lots of room to stretch out your legs, with another six-foot tall person behind getting enough room to endure longer journeys.

Visibility is another key aspect of the 500L. With the wide front windscreen, glass between the A-pillars and wraparound rear windscreen, getting out of tight junctions or parking in tight spots shouldn’t be a problem. This is also aided by the raised seating position to help give you a good 360-degree view. The diesel and petrol engines are a little noisy – the diesel on start-up and at idle and the 1.4-litre petrol when attempting to accelerate.

Wind noise is also apparent because of the high box-like shape and large wing mirrors, while road noise is audible but not too intrusive.