Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The upright seating position is great for easy access, as well as giving a better driving posture and added space for rear passengers. Visibility is excellent, and the large door mirrors give a good view back. However the rear window is a little small due to the Fusion’s slightly tapered cabin design. Surprisingly the optional roof-folding DVD player does not hamper rear visibility thanks to the car’s high roof.

The matt-finished dashboard is neatly styled, looking durable enough to resist scratches and daily wear-and-tear, but it does look a little dated and low budget.

Ford Fusion comfort levels are fairly high. Improving on the Fiesta’s generous interior space and increased headroom, the Fusion is tall on the outside, big on the inside and the upright seating position creates extra legroom in the front and back. The seats are also firm and supportive, ensuring that lengthy journeys aren’t too much of a chore – although taller drivers may find it a little cramped for long distance driving.