Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8

 Should you buy a Ford Mondeo Hatchback?

It's still good, but we're struggling to see what it offers over and above some very talented rivals. Although it isn’t the sharp, fun-to-drive large family hatchback it used to be, which may disappoint some buyers, there are few better ways to travel hundreds of motorway miles. It’s very comfortable, refined and easy to drive with only the likes of the Skoda Superb, Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport and Volkswagen Arteon being in the same ballpark.

It comes with a generous list of standard equipment to keep you safe and entertained, while the broad selection of engines means there’s something to suit pretty much all tastes. The biggest issue it has is the wealth of SUVs that are stealing sales from this more traditional body style, but the Mondeo shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Picking the right one shouldn’t be too difficult a task, with diesels being your best bet overall. If you simply want the cheapest Mondeo to run, the diesel's running costs are the most appealing, with the highest fuel economy and lowest CO2 in the range. This also means this version is a wise bet if you’re a company car driver as this offers low BIK costs and strong claimed fuel economy.

Most sales go to company car drivers, with a much smaller proportion being bought by private buyers. The latter should still be able to negotiate a decent discount, but if you’re considering getting a better deal from a broker be conscious that you’ll be buying from stock and consequently any options you desire might be missing from the list.

We’d suggest aiming for mid-range Titanium Edition for a well-equipped car, while the similarly-priced ST-Line Edition is better if you want a sportier look rather than a few luxuries. It might still be tempting to add a couple of optional extras, but doing this could become expensive. Thinking of going for a Mondeo Vignale? Don't - this expensive trim level adds nothing that you wouldn't enjoy by opting for a similarly-priced premium rival.

Luckily, there’s nothing you desperately need to add to the Mondeo – what you’ll want to add will come down to personal preference, although we’d suggest the reversing camera at the very least. The bulky rear end of the Mondeo can be difficult to judge when backing into a tight parking space.

The bright LED headlamps may be worth upgrading to if you spend a lot of time driving at night. They’re excellent at lighting up the road better than normal halogen bulbs do, plus they’re adaptive so they move with the turn of the steering wheel, and have automatic high-beam, too. 

Would we recommend one? Not with the Skoda Superb on offer for less money and more interior space.