Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2

Ford Mustang Convertible: what's it like inside?

Sink into the large seats of the Mustang and you’re greeted by a smart looking interior. While rivals such as BMW and Audi will feel more robust, the Mustang’s dash does have its own unique style; from the three centre vents and plaque above the glovebox, to the smart dials and toggle switches sitting below the climate control. You certainly won’t find this used in any other Ford.

With the high-set dashboard and high windowline, smaller drivers might feel slightly claustrophobic – especially when you see the raised bonnet line from inside the cabin too – but the car’s controls make the Mustang quite easy to pilot.

Side visibility also betters the Fastback thanks to pillarless windows, although the door mirrors are ones you’d find on the Ford Focus – meaning they are a tad too small to cover the Mustang’s vast bodywork.

Yes, the range of textures in the cabin is minimal and a few budget-feeling touch points suggest it won’t age too well, but it feels robust and simple; without too many buttons cluttering up the dash.

Ford Mustang SYNC3 touchscreen

The centre touchscreen and its Sync3 infotainment system is generally quick to respond but remains a slight nuisance to use. The sat-nav is the largest stumbling block here: activate Apple CarPlay and it locks onto your phone’s navigation app, with no option to use the in-built one at all. It also lacks a straightforward way of getting to the climate control screen, meaning it can be a faff while driving.

A 12-inch digital LCD screen replaced the traditional dials in the instrument cluster for 2018. Three layouts are available ranging from Normal, Sport and Track, displaying information in different arrangements.

Ergonomically, the Mustang Convertible is a bit of a mixed bag. While the dash itself isn’t too cluttered with buttons, it’s the centre console that shows its left-hand drive origins – with the handbrake too far towards the front passenger’s leg and the neighbouring cupholders mean that drinks can become an obstacle when reaching for a gearchange.

The padded armrest is set too far back to be much use too.

  • Great long-distance comfort for those up front
  • Rear seat comfort betters rivals, but still limited to short journeys
  • Decent refinement, especially with roof up

Ford Mustang Convertible: will it be comfortable?

Regardless of which model you choose, all will be fitted with 19-inch wheels, meaning the ride quality should remain pretty consistent throughout the range.

Since the facelift in 2018, the option to fit MagneRide adaptive suspension was introduced and should help the Mustang glide over lumps and bumps even better on the road.

The large seats up front are very comfortable with plenty of padding and support, with lots of adjustment in the front chairs and steering wheel. The rear seats are better bolstered over its rivals but are still compromised for a long journey for adults.

Things are very hushed on the move too – even the highest performing V8 GT sounds quite distant under hard acceleration. The thick canvas roof insulates the cabin very well, with wind and road noise kept to a minimum. It’s a very relaxing car in which to spend long journeys in.