Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The driving position is comfortable, the seats have multiple adjustments and there’s a good view of the road ahead. Although the centre console lacks the solid look of upmarket German rivals, the rest of the interior design features are pleasant and durable. The chunky dials and buttons are conveniently situated and straightforward to use, making the driving seat the best place to view the Scorpio from; you can’t see the styling from there.

It’s just a shame that everyone else on the road can.

Although dated, the cabin still has a few luxuries and is roomy, which is certainly the Scorpio’s ace card. There’s also quality trim and a supremely smooth ride. The seats are like armchairs and top-spec models are fully adjustable – offering sufficient back support over longer journeys and a great view of the road. Backseat comfort is also tremendous, as the airy cabin and lengthy wheelbase allow for plenty of head and legroom.