Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

As you'd expect of a modern Honda, the quality of the interior finish is top class with high grade materials used throughout. It's not the most stylish or modern of cabins but everything is well laid out with the stereo and air conditioning controls placed high up in the middle of the central console. However the raked rear screen impairs rear visibility (especially when it’s fully loaded) and the curved rear glass distorts the view looking back.

Unlike some people carriers, every passenger on board gets a full-size individual seat (as opposed to a bench seat). They're comfortable enough for longer journeys, and the middle seat in the front and back can slide to ensure both occupants have enough leg room. However, using the middle seat in the front means there's limited shoulder room for the driver and passenger - so the driver ends up pressed against the door.

Thankfully, on the road the FR-V is - on the whole - very quiet with engine and road noise kept low, although wind noise can be intrusive at higher speeds. Howe