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Honda Ranges

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  • Honda Clarity Saloon (2019 onwards) Review

    The Honda Clarity is an exciting glimpse into the future

    Parkers rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
    New price: £0 - £0
    • The new Honda Clarity feels very normal to drive
    • It has a longer range than the comparable Toyota Mirai
    • It's been set up for a comfortable ride
    • You’ll have to wait – it’s not available to buy in the UK yet
    • It's a big car – that's good and bad...
    • ...and it's in no way exciting to drive
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  • Honda e Hatchback (2020 onwards) Review

    Cute electric city car is a loveable urban runaround

    Parkers rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
    New price: £31,665 - £34,165
    • Cute styling looks even better in the flesh
    • Really moves interior and tech on for Honda
    • Easy and relaxing to drive and be in
    • Some will be put off by higher price than Renault Zoe
    • Screen-heavy interior may appear daunting
    • Electric driving range more limited than others
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  • Honda HR-V SUV (2021 onwards) Review

    Honda's latest hybrid SUV is likeable but flawed

    Parkers rating: 3 out of 5 3.0
    New price: £26,960 - £31,660
    • Great amount of standard equipment
    • Impressive handling and ride quality
    • Fuel economy claims are easily achievable
    • Boot is tiny compared to rivals
    • Engine is very noisy when pushed
    • Performance is lacking when out of town
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  • Honda Jazz Crosstar (2020 onwards) Review

    Rugged Jazz adds visual appeal

    Parkers rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1
    New price: £23,715 - £23,715
    • Lots of cargo space
    • Power and economy
    • Improved interior design
    • Major infotainment upgrade
    • Hatch has a bigger boot
    • Less economical and slower
    • Same restricted engine choice
    • Looks won’t suit all
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  • Honda Jazz Hatchback (2020 onwards) Review

    Versatile, grown-up hatchback with hybrid efficiency

    Parkers rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1
    New price: £19,445 - £24,845
    • Good balance of performance and economy
    • Hugely versatile and spacious interior
    • User-friendly multimedia system
    • Too much cheap-feeling plastic inside
    • Can sound loud when accelerating
    • Only one engine choice
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Renowned for making cars, motorbikes and one of the biggest producers of engines in the world, the Japanese company Honda was created in 1951. It's one of the biggest manufacturers in Japan and has gone on to make garden equipment, aircraft and even robots.

The crux of the company’s model range includes the Jazz, Accord, CR-V and long-running Civic. Hybrid cars include the Insight and the sporty, two-seat CR-Z. Honda has also launched sports cars including the S2000 and the NSX supercar.

The firm has a strong reputation for building solid and dependable cars, which have topped a number of customer and reliability surveys. Along with Toyota, it was an early adopter of hybrid technology – combining an electric battery and motor with a petrol engine to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy.