Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Just one to choose from: a 1.6 VTEC. It’s willing and high-revving, but despite its athletic looks, it’s not a hot- hatch substitute. It’s a little rough under pressure and the optional CVT auto gearbox slows it down and spoils the fun. However, VTEC puts the icing on a tasty cake with a 0-60mph time is just over ten seconds.

‘Joy Machine’ is certainly pushing it, but the steering is direct and the controls are light to use. Although it looks like a four-wheel-drive, some models are only two-wheel-drive (although new cars are all 4WD). It can cope with the demands of most owners. The 4×4 system runs in two-wheel drive mode most of the time, with power being automatically redistributed to wheels with more traction when necessary.

Ride is smooth on most roads, but can get caught out by rough backroads.