Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The materials used on the dash are well made, soft to touch yet strong and durable. Even though some of the switchgear is taken straight from Nissan (such as the sat nav buttons, steering column stalks and climate controls) the interior is a welcoming place. The red leather upholstery and red stained maple wood are a little garish but they are cost options.

There's an engine starting button and the instrument cluster that moves up and down with the steering column is a nice touch. The other stand-out feature is that you can set the seats to heat you when the weather is cold or cool you when the weather is warm.

Just like the Coupe the Convertible is well insulated - some would say too well as the V6 burble is less noticeable than rival engine notes. Up front the G 37 is comfy but jump in the rear and you’ll be lucky to fit two average sized adults in the back for any length of time. The rear is only suitable for children. It may only have two doors but the front seats slide forward electrically to make getting in and out a little easier.

Unless you have the roof down it's quite dark and gloomy in the rear because of the coupe shape and the small windows. The low-slung bonnet can make things a little difficult in busy city centre car parks but the parking sensors and reversing camera are very helpful and should save you from knocking or scratching the car when parking.