Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The G saloon feels a little more special on the inside than it does on the outside with top quality materials and a finish typical of a luxury car. Customers can choose a rosewood finish trim (previously a Maserati trademark) as an alternative to aluminium to make the car stand out a little more. The instruments are clear and easy to read, but many of the other controls carry too much text to explain what the buttons do, which is more common in mainstream cars rather than luxury vehicles.

Visibility is decent although the base of the rear pillar is a little heavy and compromises over-the-shoulder vision.

Infiniti G comfort levels are fairly high. The range comes with automatic climate control and a fairly roomy interior for a car of this size, although not as spacious as an Audi A4. The seats seem to offer good support over most long journeys. Although many versions have a sporty feel, refinement is very good with limited noise intrusion, mostly from the tyres on poor surfaces.

The rear seats recline slightly to increase comfort for passengers.