Parkers overall rating: 3.2 out of 5 3.2
  • Smart, tech-filled cabin
  • Advanced infotainment

The cabin of the Q60 features everything you’d expect from a firm concentrating on new and innovative technologies, and in typical Infiniti fashion it’s all bolted together and finished very nicely indeed. The materials feel of a high quality, although some of the optional colour schemes could clash with some of the exterior colours. Watch out for this when ordering your new car.

InTouch infotainment

Unusually, there are two touchscreens – an 8.0-inch upper and 7.0-inch lower – situated in the centre part of the dash, which cuts down on the number of buttons required in the cabin. These control many functions of the car including the drive mode selector options and the InTouch infotainment system, which itself gets a fast processor and the option of a high-spec Bose 13-speaker hi-fi.

The system is responsive and it’s fairly simple to navigate through the menus on the screens, but at times we found it a little confusing using both to carry out the same function. For example, navigation is displayed on the top screen, but you use the bottom one to adjust the volume of the announcements.  

You’re able to view some of the car’s parameters – such as tyre pressure or when the next service is required – remotely using a smartphone app that also helps you remember where you parked or track your car if it turns out you haven’t forgotten and it’s been stolen. 

  • Technology improves comfort
  • Front seats worthy of special mention

The first point to mention here is that DAS steering system. While it doesn’t make for the most engaging drive, its major advantage comes over long-distance driving where the Active Lane Control set-up automatically keeps the car in your chosen lane and the wheels pointing at exactly the optimum angle. This results in far less fatigue for the driver.

The system is optional on 2.0-litre cars and standard on the Infiniti Q60S, and has a marked effect on how comfortable the car is for both driver and passenger. We’ve yet to try the standard steering to see how it compares.

In general, the cabin of the Q60 is a nice enough place to be. We noticed a bit of road noise intruding, but then our test cars were on winter tyres during the launch event in Switzerland.

We didn’t notice much engine or wind noise, although the former does get louder if you work the engines too hard. The Q60 has an active noise cancellation system installed that uses the speakers to cancel out a lot of the din usually suffered during motorway driving.

We found the front seats to be comfortable and supportive with lots of adjustability. Power adjustment and leather upholstery are standard-fit, while an electrically adjustable steering column is available on higher-spec models.