Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

The interior of the XFR is a pleasing mix of traditional hand-crafted luxury, modern design and the latest technology. As with standard models, there’s plenty of attention to detail that makes this interior stand out from the crowd: the air vents that swivel open when the engine is switched on, the pulsating start button and subtle backlighting throughout.

It’s also a showcase for Jaguar craftsmanship with beautifully-finished contrast-stitched seats and suede covering for the headlining on the roof. Once the engine is started, the JaguarDrive controller pops-up from the centre console. This is used in place of a standard automatic gear lever – it’s also modern-looking and in-keeping with the high-tech feel of the interior.

It’s easy to find a comfortable driving position thanks to every-which-way adjustments. You can even control how much you want the seat sides to ‘pinch’ – so that you’re held in place when cornering quickly. The seats are also heated and have a cooling function, making them ideal for any time of year.

The XFR improves further on the standard model’s beautifully finished interior, with suede-trimmed headlining and a multi-way adjustable seat for the passenger. There’s plenty of space up front, though those in the back may find it more of a squeeze – despite claims that this is a five seater, three adults would find rear space limited. The amount of legroom is acceptable, but headroom suffers slightly because of the coupe-like profile.

On the move the car is quiet at all times, except when you don’t want it to be. Under hard acceleration the cabin is filled with the glorious sound of the supercharged V8 engine.