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Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The cabin of the Jeep wasn't particularly modern when the model was launched in 1999 and it hasn't aged well. It's typically American with lots of leather and fake wood, but the plastics feel cheap and the overall finish isn't very good. The instrument dials are clear and easy to read, but the stereo is dated and fiddly. On the plus side most things are electrically operated and visibility is good too.

Although the Grand Cherokee is a large vehicle, there's a surprisingly limited amount of rear legroom, although there's good head space and three adults can fit in the back fairly easily. The big soft seats are cosseting and comfortable, but they do lack support, especially in the lower back area. All cars come with air conditioning as standard and leather upholstery, however at higher speeds there's noticeable engine noise (especially from the early 3.1-litre TD) and wind noise.