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Search new and used Land Rover Discovery cars for sale on Parkers. You can browse thousands of cars for sale in the UK in our easy-to-navigate classified adverts. Then, using our search tools, narrow your search to find the perfect Land Rover near you for a price that’s within your budget.


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Buying used brings almost unlimited choices if you're looking to buy one of many Land Rover Discovery cars for sale. You can click the links below to search through a wide range of cars for sale across the UK. As well as that, you can use our search tools to tailor your results based on price, location, engine and trim – depending on your own personal preferences. With Parkers, you'll be able to find the right used car at the right price for you.

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Want all the benefits of a new car but at a significant cost saving in cash terms? Buying a nearly-new car generally brings you the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty, full main dealer support, and a used car with low miles on it. To search for nearly new Land Rover Discovery cars for sale on Parkers, click on the links below. You will find the best cars for sale near you, and by using our search tools, you can narrow your choice, and find the perfect Land Rover Discovery at the right price.

Search new and used Land Rover Discovery cars for sale on Parkers. You can browse thousands of cars for sale in the UK in our easy-to-navigate classified adverts. Then, using our search tools, narrow your search to find the perfect Land Rover near you for a price that’s within your budget.


Land Rover Discovery PARKERS review

Brilliant off-roader and large family car now available as a mild hybrid

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Frequently asked questions about the Land Rover Discovery

  • What is the Land Rover Discovery?
  • For more han three decades the Land Rover Discovery family has sat in the middle of the British SUV brand’s range combining elements of the rugged, go-anywhere Defender range below it and the luxurious suite of Range Rover-badged models above. Available to order from the end of 2016 with deliveries beginning the following spring, the current-generation Discovery has proven to be Land Rover’s most controversial model to date, primarily because of how it looks.

    Given the growth of SUVs since the original Discovery’s launch in 1989, the latest model is not short of competition in the forms of premium-badged alternatives such as the Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GLE and Volvo XC90, to more traditional off-roaders along the lines of the Mitsubishi Shogun and Toyota Land Cruiser. Rather than being a single range within the marque’s line-up the name is also applied to the more compact Land Rover Discovery Sport.
  • Which versions of the Land Rover Discovery are available?
  • Depending upon your rationale the present model (L462 if you’re into internal codenames) is either the fourth, fifth or even sixth generation of car to wear the Discovery badge. Regardless of that, today’s Discovery SUV follows – on paper, at least – a formula that’s been present almost since the moment the first model debuted: it’s a five-door SUV, with up to seven seats, four-wheel drive and the ability to traverse incredibly difficult terrain without complaint.

    Long-gone are the big V8-engined Discoverys – today’s models are offered in four-cylinder 2.0-litre petrol and diesel form, with a six-cylinder Sd6 3.0-litre diesel crowning the range. The supercharged Si6 3.0-litre petrol and Td6 diesel were discontinued in 2018. All versions have automatic gearboxes and a sophisticated four-wheel drive system, combined with various drive modes (Terrain Response 2) for different surfaces and air suspension to make tackling rocky terrain even easier. It’s not as utilitarian inside as earlier iterations, either – S, SE, HSE and HSE Luxury trim levels are available, the pricier ones offering levels of plushness approaching the Range Rover. If your needs are more of a van-like variety, Land Rover also sells the Discovery Commercial.
  • What's under the skin?
  • Strip away the L462-generation Discovery’s bodywork and you’ll find a cutting-edge platform that’s related to the more luxurious Range Rover Sport and flagship Range Rover. It’s aluminium-intensive, making it much lighter than the Discovery it replaced, and it’s the first generation to have a monocoque construction, where the body structure and the underpinnings are a single fabrication.

    Where the Discovery seems to be having issues relates to its exterior styling. Previous generations have been stout and upright, but the current iteration is softer, more reclined and consequently looks less purposeful. What’s particularly divisive is the styling of the abruptly vertical tail: there’s a nod to the split tailgate of the previous-generation with a vestigial drop-down boot-flap, but it’s the offset number plate that causes the consternation. Whether it remains as it is come the Discovery’s mid-life facelift remains to be seen.
  • Is it good to drive?
  • Long gone are the days when cars which proved surpreme off-road wallowed and listed about as soon as you hauled them onto asphalt, and the Discovery epitomizes this new breed well.

    There is little cross country that will cause a Discovery driver to turn around and retreat such is its imperious agility, but on-road it proves to be remarkably stable and comfortable. There’s a surprise, too: point the Discovery at a series of sweeping bends and it faithfully goes exactly where you point it, with minimal bodyroll in spite of its height and bulk.
  • How much does the Land Rover Discovery cost?
  • Peruse the Land Rover price list and you’ll immediately spot that the Discovery is not an inexpensive car to buy outright, but it does have strong resale values on its side. Most people buy cars on finance these days, and comparable specs, the Discovery is about on par with its BMW and Mercedes rivals. Best of the bunch is the Volvo XC90 which significantly undercuts the Disco.

At-a-glance Land Rover Discovery specs

  • Top speed: 121-130mph
  • 0-62mph: 7.0-8.3 seconds
  • Fuel economy: 28-37mpg
  • Emissions: 197-224g/km of CO2
  • Boot space: 194-1,698 litres

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