Parkers overall rating: 2.9 out of 5 2.9
  • Solid and well-built interior 
  • Pleasant materials and comfy seats 
  • Not the most ergonomically designed

2019 Lexus CT interior

As you’d expect the interior is well-finished and it has the feeling of a premium product. A mix of materials, including soft-touch plastics, leather and chrome, have been used around the cabin and give the car a quality feel. The central console feels cluttered and things look a little dated compared to the German competition – this isn’t helped by the computer mouse-like controls for the sat nav that can be very fiddly and distracting to operate on the move. 

Similarly, the screen graphics are also looking dated and, when viewed next to an A-Class’s swish MBUX infotainment system, it feels very old hat. It’s easy to get comfy though with a good amount of adjustment in the seats and steering wheel, and there are simple air-con controls mounted nice and high on the centre console. 

Is it comfortable?

  • Comfortable, adjustable seats 
  • Ride quite firm on earlier models 
  • Refinement good on most journeys

2019 Lexus CT driving

Comfort levels could be higher, particularly on pre-2014 models. There’s the choice of 15-, 16- and 17-inch alloys and if your priority is a relaxed ride you would be best off opting for the smaller option, although all models from the 2014 facelift had a more compliant ride quality.

For looks the 17-inch choice will be top of the list, but it does mean you get a ride that highlights any small bumps and creases in the road making and compromises comfort.

The 16-inch versions are a little better but the stiff ride still means you’ll feel the majority of road imperfections.

Noise levels in the car are good; there is some intrusion from road noise, especially on the bigger wheels, but wind noise is almost non-existent and engine noise only becomes a problem when the straining CVT is pushed, again reduced from 2014 models.

The seats are comfortable offering good levels of support whether it’s for your back or for pinning you in when tackling tight corners.