Parkers overall rating: 2.9 out of 5 2.9

Miles per pound (mpp) Miles per pound (mpp)

Hybrid petrol engines 8.2 - 8.5 mpp
Low figures relate to the least economical version; high to the most economical. Based on WLTP combined fuel economy for versions of this car made since September 2017 only, and typical current fuel or electricity costs.

Fuel economy

Hybrid petrol engines 53.2 - 55.3 mpg
  • Impressive claimed fuel economy figures
  • Plus low CO2 emissions
  • Should prove cheap to run

Before WLTP regulations came in, Lexus was claiming well over 70mpg for fuel economy in the CT. Since then, more stringent tests have been brought in, but the CT's latest fuel economy figure isn't to be sniffed at. Lexus claims it'll return between 53.2 and 55.3mpg, changeable depending on the size of the alloy wheels fitted. 

If you're spending most of your time in town, the CT will drive in EV mode more than you'd expect from a regular hybrid, thus improving its economy figure further. If you regular drive out of town on faster roads, you'll find the engine cutting in more regularly, and as such the economy figure will dip, especially as you have to work it quite hard. 

In terms of CO2 output, the CT claims just 97g/km with the smallest 16-inch alloy wheels, and 101g/km for those with 17-inchers fitted. That's very competitive with petrol equivalents found in its rivals, but not as low as something like a plug-in hybrid Mercedes A 250 e. 

Lexus badge

Is it reliable?

  • Lexus has an excellent track record
  • CT feels well-built and high-quality
  • Hybrid powertrain is proven

Lexus has built a strong reputation for building cars that can be relied on - along with parent company Toyota - and the CT shouldn't prove to be any different. Everything feels very solidly put together, and while the interior may look a bit busy, you can't argue with the quality of the fit and finish. 

The hybrid system has been around for a while as well, so any big issues should have been ironed out over the course of its life. The CT was recalled twice early on in its life, once for a potential fuel leak and again for an airbag issue. If you're buying used, these problems will have been remedied, and later models haven't been recalled. As standard, the CT comes with a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty.

Ongoing running costs

Road tax (12 months) £0 - £145
See tax rates for all versions
Insurance group 17 - 21
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