Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5
  • Very comfortable cabin
  • Lots of seat adjustment
  • Dash takes some getting used to

The GS’s interior is well-finished and feels very solidly put together, with plenty of soft leather around the cabin and soft plastics. All the usual gauges and switches are as you’d expect and are logical to use, with a high centre console cocooning the driver and making for a pleasant environment.

What will take some getting used to is the car’s infotainment system – dominated by a large screen nestled deep in the dashboard and controlled via an unconventional controller on the centre console.

It’s nowhere near as intuitive as BMW’s iDrive system or Audi’s MMI, and can be frustrating to use on the move. In combination with a screen that uses quite dated graphics, it makes the GS lag behind rivals when it comes to technology.

There’s no arguing with the overall interior though, it’s very pleasant to spend long journeys behind the wheel of the GS, as long as you take the time to learn where everything is. 

Lexus GS (2018) infotainment controls

Is it comfortable?

  • GS has very comfortable seats
  • The ride compounds the comfort
  • Larger wheels can upset things

The GS’s interior isolates the driver and passengers very well from any noise intrusions from outside the car. Tyre and wind noise are kept to a minimum, making for a very relaxing driving experience for all, especially over long distances.

The car rides well over undulating surfaces and is shown in its best light on motorways. Ride quality is adequate on B-roads where bumpy sections make their presence felt more readily than you might expect at times, but a lot of that is more apparent on cars with larger alloy wheels.

When at motorway speeds some wind noise from the front pillars can be a little intrusive and the seats are not that well bolstered when compared to rivals, but on the whole they’re comfortable.

Comfort is improved on most models thanks to electrical adjustment of the leather seats, which can come heated and ventilated, plus the driver’s seat moves back and the steering wheel moves up to aid entry and exit to and from the car. 

Lexus GS (2018) rear seats