Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8
  • High levels of interior fit and finish
  • Variety of controls makes the cabin look busy
  • Comfortable driving position, fine visibility

The Lexus RC comprehensively delivers in this area. Although it’s more or less a direct lift of the Lexus IS saloon’s dashboard, it still looks and feels impressive, well-suited to the rakish lines of the bodywork.

Criticisms of it are few but primarily concentrated upon the switchgear and infotainment. The centre console houses buttons, a rotating knob and a touch sensitive clickable pad for the infotainment system. That in itself is clunky to use, marred further by outmoded sat-nav graphics.

Finding an ideal driving position in the RC is easy – there’s a wide range of adjustment on the front seats and the steering column adjusts for reach and angle electrically. Visibility’s fine, with large exterior mirrors mounted on pods affording a clear view of what’s behind. As you’d expect at this price, a reversing camera’s standard.

Electronic instruments, traditional materials

All RCs have electronic displays for their instrumentation, the F Sport versions’ mimicking the LFA supercar’s dials. Turn it up to Sport S+ mode and the central dial glows more red as the revs rise.

Lexus RC dials

There’s an abundant mix of materials, with Alcantara, perforated leather and plain leather enhanced with blue, white or black accents. If you select the red leather seats some scarlet stitching appears, too.  The cabin plastics mix carbon (effect) with textured and brushed materials across the layered structure of the dashboard.

There’s no questioning the quality of the materials, with everything feeling reassuringly expensive to the touch. Each piece of switchgear operates faultlessly. That said, the trackpad central controller is not as intuitive or as easy to use on the fly as rival manufacturer systems with rotary controllers.


  • Supple ride even on standard suspension
  • Adaptive dampers amplify comfort further
  • Hushed powertrains and superb front seats

Although its looks hint at performance and aggression, the reality is Lexus RC comfort levels have not been compromised. It’s hard not to be impressed by how supple and well-judged the RC's ride is, both on standard suspension and the adaptive dampers which come as part of the F Sport package.

Even on the firmest Sport S+ setting the Lexus still absorbs ruts and ripples in the road surface with ease, transmitting little of the disturbance to the occupants’ posteriors. The interior benefits from a pair of very comfortable front seats with a wide degree of electrical adjustment.

Those in the back are less fortunate: a pair of adults can fit in but it’s recommended to keep your journeys short when doing so. They’re far better suited to children.

Lexus RC profile

A coupe that’s as refined as a saloon

Wind and tyre noise are both impressively hushed, as is the 2.0-litre engine in the RC 200t – press on and the whine of the turbo becomes apparent but not in a detracting way. In most instances the hybrid RC 300h is serenely quiet, only occasionally marred by the high-pitched engine note caused by the CVT gearbox's tendency to keep the motor spinning at high revs when accelerating.

The RC F is also very refined in relation to its rivals. It’s entirely compliant and comfortable despite the large alloy wheels, with impressive suspension response and composure. High gearing means motorway cruising is hushed and relaxing. Along with decent wind-noise suppression, it’s almost eerily quiet in fact.