Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Excellent build quality inside the RX
  • Modern design that’s interesting to look at
  • Easy to get comfy, but infotainment lets side down 

The RX’s interior is a very pleasant place in which to spend time. Everything is covered in plush leather and the seat adjustment is powered by electric motors, so it’s easy to sort yourself out once you jump behind the wheel.

A few of the materials employed can feel slightly cheap – such as the steering wheel on and some of the buttons located lower down the interior – but overall the quality seems to stack up with the price this car occupies.

We’re less enamoured with the infotainment system, however. While the enormous 12.3-inch display on top-spec cars looks suitably upmarket, the graphics look very dated and menus are tricky to navigate using the pillow-shaped joystick located on the centre console. This was updated in 2020, which we’ve detailed below.

2019 Lexus RX trackpad

In older cars though it works a little bit like a computer mouse, only less accurately, with vibration feedback coming through it which can be off-putting. It’s difficult to accurately pinpoint a place on a map, for instance, or even select a certain function on the screen. It can be quite distracting and frustrating on the move.

On the plus side, visibility is great thanks to a high yet comfortable driving position, which is easy to alter thanks to the range of adjustment on offer on both the seats and steering column.

Interior updated in 2020

The first change you’ll notice in an updated Lexus RX is the fact that the seats are set lower, and the steering wheel has moved closer to the driver. This is to give it a more sporty feel, says Lexus, which is an odd suggestion in a car that is so resolutely unsporting. Still, it gives a wider range of adjustment to suit all driving positions.

The 12.3-inch central display is now a touchscreen, meaning it also had to be moved further forward on the centre console, to allow easier use (lower grade cars come with a smaller 8.0-inch non-touchscreen display). If that’s not you’re thing then the previous multimedia controller has been replaced by the more common trackpad version, which works just like a remote touchscreen.

Smartphone connectivity comes courtesy of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus the USB ports have been moved to the front of the centre console alongside a smartphone holder to help keep devices topped up.


  • Good sound insulation makes a relaxed cabin
  • Excellent seats are very comfortable
  • Hybrid system is smooth and hushed

Lexus is known for creating solid, well-built interiors and the RX follows the trend with an attractive and modern design that’s simpler to use than you might expect – it’s also very easy to get comfortable.

The seats on all models are exceptionally comfortable with a huge amount of adjustment, no matter which spec you go for, and handy features like easy entry – this slides the seat and the steering column back so it’s easier to get in and out of the car.

The 450h is a very quiet and comfortable car to while away the miles in. During normal driving it’s impressively refined and smooth, with very little wind or road noise entering the cabin, and the supple suspension helps to make the experience more relaxing too.

2019 Lexus RX interior driving

Add to that acoustic glass and plenty of sound deadening, and it’s easy to undertake long journeys without becoming too tired.

Even in the sportier modes, the RX demonstrates a good ability to soak up bumps in the road, with only deeper holes sending shudders through the cabin.

The large 20-inch alloys fitted to higher-end models tend to thud into bigger bumps in the road. But overall the RX rides impressively well and manages to isolate the majority of imperfections in the road from the occupants. It’s a very impressively refined and comfortable car.

Improvements made in 2020

Reducing the already low noise and vibration levels in the RX was a priority for the 2020 facelift. As such Lexus engineers installed new silencers in the cowl and dashboard, plus added sound insulation under the bonnet and in the wheel arches.

Exterior aero tweaks are said to reduce wind noise while new acoustic window glass and door edge seals was selected to further quieten the cabin.