Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Should you buy a Lexus RX?

The question really is; does the Lexus RX do enough to take buyers away from more established premium brands? Well, it certainly offers something different – you can tell that just by looking at it – and temptingly low running costs for private and fleet drivers mean it’ll make a lot of peoples’ shortlists, especially when you look at how much the competition costs in comparison.

Interior annoyances like the lack of touchscreen and fiddly controller were sorted out in the 2020 facelift, and Lexus also bestowed more involving handling with a range of chassis tweaks too.

It might sound incremental but with every screw tightened here and there, buyers have fewer reasons to write the RX off. It might be unconventional to look at and drive, but for a certain type of motorist that will be all the appeal needed to overlook German rivals.

Making the RX hybrid only was a no-brainer – the conventional petrol version wasn’t great to drive and the ability to enhance fuel consumption and performance with battery power that doesn’t require plugging the car in every night gives the Lexus a unique edge.

By teaming the electric motor with a smooth and exciting sounding V6 petrol means the RX offers a more luxurious sound and feel to the drivetrain than most smaller hybrid cars, and allows it to compete with similarly powerful rivals that rely on noisy diesel engines.

Overall the biggest problem faced by the RX is simply getting prospective buyers to sit in one for a test-drive – once there this charismatic and comfortable SUV will have no problem convincing them to stay.

2019 Lexus RX rear white