Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

You couldn’t mistake the Coupé for anything other than Italian from behind the wheel. Swathed in gorgeous leather, the dashboard swoops up from the centre console enveloping the driver and appears to be very well built. The handsome seats aren’t particularly supportive but the driving position will suit most, the chunky steering wheel is fabulous to hold and the six instruments beyond are styled with much more flair than any German coupé’s, yet are simple to read.

Cars with the Cambiocorsa transmission have two paddles behind the wheel. The small gear lever on the console is only used to select reverse.

The Coupé’s generous cabin proportions are one of its best kept secrets. Although not billed as a true four-seater, its two deeply sculpted back seats are perfectly usable by adults, unlike those in a Jaguar XK or Porsche 911. Climate control keeps the cabin serene in hot weather but you might want to drop the windows anyway to get rid of the annoying whistle created by the ineffective door seals with them up.

And if you are going for a car with the Cambiocorsa paddle-shift gearbox, it’s worth knowing that later cars were revised to smooth gearchanges although even that didn’t provide a total cure.