Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

If there’s one area the Gran Sport scores over the ordinary Coupé and Spyder, it’s the seats. The Gran Sport’s are much more supportive and look far more in keeping with the car’s performance aspirations while still providing a great driving position and good visibility. Other differences are the strange football shirt material used on the seats and dashboard’s centre section, a sportier steering wheel and instruments and slimmer centre console featuring a start button.

The lower dash has a different shape too. It looks handsome but you lose the Coupé’s LCD satellite navigation display. And because all cars use the Cambiocorsa transmission there are two paddles behind the wheel.

Although the Gran Sport was aimed at a more performance-minded buyer, it’s no thinly disguised racer. Climate control, smart carpeting and the other comfort touches you’d expect to find in a luxury £70k luxury coupe are here. The biggest surprise is just how roomy the Gran Sport’s rear seats are. While the back of a Jaguar XK or Porche 911 is fit only for people small enough to still believe in Father Christmas, the Maserati’s rear chairs are suitable for adults too, although it would be a stretch to call it a true four seater.

It even rides tolerably, if never feeling completely supple, with the Skyhook dampers set to normal mode.