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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon interior, tech and comfort

2019 onwards (change model)
Comfort rating: 3.8 out of 53.8

Written by Luke Wilkinson Published: 21 April 2023 Updated: 24 April 2023

  • Logical and modern cockpit layout
  • A marvel for those who love touchscreens
  • Intuitive media controls, including voice

How is the quality and layout?

The Mercedes A-Class Saloon shares its interior with the A-Class hatchback, which is a great starting point. It feels premium – at least on the most common touchpoints.

However, like the hatchback, Mercedes made some oversights. The shiny black plastic on the centre console is a little low rent, while some controls will creak if you press them too hard. We like the physical climate dials and buttons, though, so we shouldn’t grumble too much.

Mercedes A-Class interior, driver's side, black upholstery
The layout is simple , but there are some quality issues. The plastic on the centre console feels cheap.

Overall, the quality can’t quite match the bombproof build of the Audi A3 Saloon, but it’s classy and elegant to look at (partly thanks to its E-Class-inspired layout) – and it’s a definite step forward over the previous A-Class and CLA-Class. We just hope the squeaks and rattles don’t worsen with age.

Infotainment and tech

The A-Class Saloon’s features a cutting-edge infotainment system with two screens – one for in the middle of the dashboard and one for the digital gauge cluster. Both screens are sharp and both are easy to use once you’ve spent some time learning how they work.

You get multiple choices to control the system. You can use haptic buttons on the steering wheel or you can paw at the screen with your mitt the old-fashioned way. We highly recommend getting to grips with the buttons, though, as you’ll spend less time staring at the screen once you’ve mastered the controls.

Mercedes A-Class interior, passenger's side, black upholstery
The steering wheel touchpads allow you to operate the central screen without poking it. We love them.

If the touchpads don’t suit you, you can also use the innovative ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice control system, which allows you to do everything from setting sat-nav instructions to adjusting the climate control temperature by simply talking at the dashboard.


  • Comfortable seats
  • Good refinement
  • Composed ride

You have a choice of two seat options depending on which specification you go for. The cheapest Sport models get a conventional set of seats, while AMG Line variants feature single-piece front seats with integrated head rests, which are much better at keeping you anchored through the corners. Both are comfortable and supportive.

You can tell Mercedes worked hard to make the A-Class Saloon refined, too. Even on sports suspension and the largest alloy wheels, the cabin is smooth and relaxed. It’s hushed at high speeds, too, with road, wind and tyre noise all kept in check by dense sound deadening and clever seals. That helps to justify its premium price. Remember, for the same money, you could have the gargantuan Skoda Superb.