Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

On initial inspection the CLA is an incredibly nice place to be. There’s a sense that this is a premium offering from the German brand, which is exactly what the idea is. It’s only when you start inspecting the plastics used lower down that you start to find slightly cheaper-feeling material employed.

The driving position is excellent; the steering wheel is adjustable for reach and rake, and the wheel itself feels very chunky.

You get the typical Mercedes-Benz dash complete with buttons on the wheel for flicking through the myriad options available in terms of display and safety systems. There are the familiar Merc controls for the stereo, while the 5.8-inch colour screen mounted high on the dash is simple and easy to read.

You control the functions of the screen using the now familiar rotary COMAND controller conveniently located by the driver’s elbow.

Claimed to be the most aerodynamic car on sale today, Mercedes-Benz CLA comfort levels are fairly high.

While wind noise and road noise are largely subbed, the diesel engine is pretty vocal, which stops the CLA from feeling quite as refined as you would expect from a premium car.

The seats are supportive and comfortable in the front, while taller rear passengers will find headroom too restrictive.