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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The CLS looks great from the driving seat - although the wood trim that's available on some models looks a little old-fashioned. General build quality is top notch however and all the controls and switches are user-friendly while the information screen in the middle of the speedo allows the driver to control the main functions through the steering-wheel controls.

One criticism however is the foot-operated parking brake which can be awkward to use and seems dated when other manufacturers have introduced electronic systems.

The CLS will seat four adults cocooned in leather-trimmed luxury, allowing them to relax in superbly designed seats, however, taller occupants in the rear will find headroom robbed by the tapering roof line. Legroom is also lacking compared to other executive saloons, but alongside coupe rivals it's way ahead. The CLS rides smoothly and is quiet and refined, making it a great car for covering long distances.