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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

If you’ve seen the regular Mercedes E-Class cabin then the Coupe’s interior will come as no surprise to you – the main dashboard architecture is almost exactly the same. In fact, only the slightly more scalloped area above the passenger glovebox, housing the airbag, looks any different.

So while that means it’s not the most exciting cabin in the sector, it does boast a number of positive points. For a start, it is finished impeccably, feeling like a nod to the bullet-proof build of Mercedes of yore.

Well positioned, and clearly grouped, controls makes for easy manipulation of all the individual systems in the cabin, while the Comand controller on the centre console delves further into the menus. It’s still not quite as intuitive as some of the systems found in rivals, but the more time you spend learning the system the better it becomes.

The re-designed instruments are clearer than ever though, and the multi-function colour screen within the speedometer can be configurated to show exactly what information you need or want.

Mercedes E-Class Coupe comfort is something of a highlight, whether you’re a driver or passenger.

Reagrdless of where you’re sitting, the leather upholstered seats are well-shaped and a pleasant place to while away the miles. Sure there’s more room in the rear of the saloon or estate versions of the E-Class, but the Coupe stacks up well compared to its most direct rivals, though the sloping roofline does rob adults of headroom back there.

Choose the AMG Sport version though and the heated front seats gain adjustable air bolsters for side, lumbar and under-thigh support. Along with the steering column adjustment, there’s no reason not to be perfectly happy with your position behind the wheel.

On the move there’s very little to upset the ambience either. Ride quality is excellent, even with the larger wheels fitted, and there’s no noticeable wind noise either.

This feeling of refinement is enforced further by the hushed range of engines and the smooth shifting seven-speed automatic gearbox. The E350CDI is worthy of particular praise, the level of performance on offer seemingly at odds with its near-silent engine note at normal revs.