Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon G63 AMG has a suitably well-finished interior that’s relatively comfortable and spacious.

In some respects the cabin feels very dated but its charm and feeling of durability negates any negative feelings toward it. You’re presented with an array of conventional Mercedes-Benz instruments, like those you’d find in any other model in the manufacturer’s range, and the G-Class features a suitably commanding driving position.

The front seats adjust electrically, along with the steering column, so it’s easy to find a comfortable seating position. Easily readable instrumentation means minimal fuss for the driver, while all of the controls are simple to access and intuitive.

With a simple box-like design and relatively slim pillars, there’s an expansive area of glass on offer. This grants the driver good all-round visibility, something that’s bolstered by large side mirrors.

There are only two real downsides: there aren’t many storage pockets, and the dash-mounted sat-nav feels like it might attract attention from thieves.

If you intend to use the G63 all year round then it’s also worth bearing in mind that some of the buttons on the dash are small, which could make them difficult to use while wearing gloves.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 AMG comfort is acceptable, despite the car’s archaic underpinnings. Thanks to its simple box-like design there’s room inside for five adults and good head- and leg-room both front and rear.

The seats are moderately supportive and hold you in place quite well, helping minimise the effects of the G63’s notable body roll at speed. Fortunately it doesn’t lean to the extent that you become uncomfortable and, given its size and weight, roll is almost unavoidable.

Rough surfaces can also lead to the G63 becoming unsettled and skittish, in part because of its firm suspension, which can prove problematic when trying to make good use of its phenomenal power. Gentle bumps are smoothed out a little better, mind, and on smooth roads the Mercedes-Benz cruises with ease.

During hard acceleration the engine’s glorious combination of intake and exhaust noise works its way in to the cabin, along with a moderate amount of wind and road noise. None of this ever proves overly intrusive, however, and it certainly doesn’t spoil the overall feel of the G63.

Off-road both driver and passengers will be glad to find that the G-Class continues to be moderately comfortable, partly thanks to chunky grab handles, well-bolstered seats and competent suspension.