Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

If you’ve already investigated the cabins of any of the GLE Coupe’s rivals, we think you might be slightly disappointed with the Mercedes offering. It doesn’t look bad on first inspection, but delve deeper and you’ll spot cheap, scratch-easy plastic surrounding many of the areas you’re likely to touch – such as around the Dynamic Select rotary control (which we think is itself a bad copy of Land Rover’s Terrain Response System) and the stereo.

In front of the driver there’s a traditional dash with speedo on the left and rev-counter on the right, and a screen between them displays navigation or trip computer information.

We were also a little dismayed by the quality of some of the plastics used for fixtures and fittings, such as the rotary controls for the heater system. Another thing we simply can’t get our head around is the screen, which might look like it folds away or comes off entirely (like other premium SUVs) but actually remains fixed in place. It’s built from flimsy looking plastic too, so while the graphics displayed on the screen are crisp and sharp, just don’t inspect it too closely. It’s not touchscreen either, which is a little misleading considering it looks like a tablet computer.

And while the touchpad and rotary control system works satisfactorily, we prefer the far more intuitive BMW iDrive system to operate. It’s easier to use, which is a result of BMW getting there so long before Mercedes-Benz.

Of course, while these issues will still be there, it’s possible to dress up the cabin a baffling amount using optional extras. These should detract from the issues mentioned.

In a curious turn of events, if you were expecting Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe comfort levels to match other premium SUVs, you’ll be disappointed. While based on the SUV version of the GLE, this is a harder, sportier model and as such suffers with poor ride quality.

This is emphasised further by larger wheels (you can have up to a monstrous 22-inches) and was very noticeable on smooth German roads so we can’t imagine what it’ll be like in the UK.

We did like the seats, which were very supportive and come with the option of heating, cooling and massaging depending on specification. They’re very easily adjustable and it’s easy to find a good driving position.

Wind and road noise aren’t too loud, but the latter rises with the size of wheels you’ve picked. The engines are nice and quiet unless you’re in Sport+ mode on the GLE450 AMG, which means the sports exhaust will bark and pop rudely at anyone who’s looking.