Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8
  • Great fit-and-finish
  • Multimedia simple to use
  • Easy to get comfortable

The S 500 Coupe boasts a classy interior that feels very well finished and packed full of kit. If you’re familiar with Mercedes products then it’s likely you’ll feel right at home because a lot of the switchgear is shared with other models, albeit at the higher end of the spectrum.

That’s no bad thing, because this interior is a stunner. The fit and finish is exceptional and the design is simple but very effective indeed.

A screen in front of the driver displays the speedo and rev-counter along with trip computer information in a neat arrangement. The screen next door displays multimedia and sat-nav output, which is easily controlled using the touchpad and wheel just where your hand rests if you’re using the central armrest.

As you move up to the Mercedes-AMG S 63 and S 65 Coupe there’s more kit on offer to supplement the luxuriousness, as detailed in the Equipment section of this review.

  • A hugely comfortable coupe
  • Sophisticated suspension set-up
  • Impressive cabin finish and insulation

Now this is what the Mercedes-Benz S 500 Coupe is all about. We can’t think of many cars – if any at all – that soak up lumps and bumps in the road quite so well.

Clever chassis arrangement

The primary reason for this is the suspension, which is air-sprung and optionally features something called Magic Body Control – a system that uses a camera to scan the road in front of the car and adjust the damping accordingly, meaning the S 500 is always ready for what’s coming next.

The resulting ride quality has to be experienced to be believed. Approach a speedbump at low speeds and the car seems to float over it. In this respect over most terrain it’s more akin to a ship cutting through waves than a car – you get a vague sense of what’s going on in terms of road camber and undulation, but nothing’s likely to knock you off course.

Excellent seats

Another factor making the S 500 Coupe imperious in this respect (not just the Coupe, but all derivatives) is the pair of stunning front seats. They’re electronically adjustable and of a quality befitting the amount of money Mercedes is asking for this car. Of special note are the “pillow” headrests, which are incredibly soft and a joy to rest your head on.

The cabin is also extremely well refined, letting next to no wind or road noise in; the engine note only intrudes when you ask a lot from it and that’s no bad thing. It sounds fantastic.

Our only negative comment here is that we’ve yet to try a car without Magic Body Control. This could make for an unsettled ride – air suspension can cause this on larger cars – but we imagine most will be sold with the system installed. Its cost is a tiny fraction of the car’s overall price, but significantly enhances comfort.