Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • MINI’s quirky cabin is well built
  • Looks quite busy, but easy to use
  • Driving position is spot on 

How is the quality and layout?

The MINI Convertible’s interior retains the quirky feel of the rest of the range with friendly circular graphics and toggle switches.

Dash plastics and materials are of high quality, while the seats are on the firm side of comfortable (but impressively supportive), and there’s a lot of adjustment to hone the right driving position.

Infotainment and tech

An 8.8-inch infotainment screen is standard fitment. It works really well. Everything will be intuitive to anyone who can work a smartphone, and it’s razor-sharp with inputs so there’s no second guessing. 

Elsewhere, the optional driving mode selector is operated by a toggle switch alongside the starter button.

The clever instrument binnacle behind the steering wheel (above) moves when you adjust the wheel, ensuring it’s always ideally placed.

An optional head-up display also reduces the need for the driver to avert their eyes from the road. Admittedly, this is on a cheap piece of plastic rather than beamed onto the windscreen directly.


  • The Convertible is a fairly comfortable cruiser
  • Roof-down refinement is better than you might expect
  • Engines are all punchy, but ride can be fidgety

The MINI Convertible is generally very refined with both three-cylinder Cooper and four-cylinder Cooper S engines being smooth throughout. It helps that they sound good when you stretch them, rather than sounding unpleasant.

On 17-inch alloys, the Convertible’s ride is firm but acceptable. That helps with the tidy body control, but some may find it’s not quite spongey enough. It doesn’t fidget over bumps as much as it seems to skip over them, which makes it more bearable than you might expect.

It’s never overly uncomfortable and actually deals with bumps quite well – it’s firm but secure-feeling, and doesn’t present any kind of feeling that it could break a spring.

The fabric hood operates almost silently, and suppresses noise from surrounding traffic when raised. There is, however, some wind noise at the top of the side windows at speed.

With it down, refinement is surprisingly impressive. With the windows raised, there’s much less wind buffeting, and as you sit low in the car, you’re protected from the breeze. Specify a wind deflector and things improve further.