Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

MINI is a unique manufacturer that refuses to conform to the norm. Unlike many cars on the market the Roadster has plenty of distinguishing yet attractive features inside the car. The layout is the same as the Hatchback, Coupe and Convertible models. The rev counter sits in front of the driver. The sat-nav is then placed in the centre between driver and passenger with the speedometer running along the outside of the dial.

It this sort of individualistic style that sets the MINI apart from the humdrum layout of other manufacturers that car buyers are so used to. One of the other great things about every MINI that you jump into is the driving position. The driver’s seat is low slung, giving you the impression that you are sitting close to the floor. There is plenty of adjustment in the seats so that you can get your driving position exactly how you like it.

Inside the MINI Roadster comfort is adequate rather than luxurious, mainly due to the main focus of the car being driving pleasure rather than relaxation. Leg- and head-room is acceptable but if you are taller than six foot and then you may struggle. Up front the seats have a decent amount of back support, which is beneficial on long motorway trips.

Road, tyre and wind noise is relatively well suppressed for a soft-top thanks to a well-insulated cabin, although the engine is quite vocal when at high revs.