Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Quick and nimble for its size, the Galant is a responsive performer, though a little lethargic from standing. The ‘intelligent’ auto transmission works well – equipped with a smart button that detects sudden pressure on the accelerator, giving added power – and the engines deliver a remarkably smooth drive. The V6 offers a very useful turn of speed, making overtaking easier, and the Galant is a capable cruiser that can sit happily at high-speeds on the motorway.

Generally, the responsive steering is gives the driver enough confidence to take corners on without having to slow down and crawl around them, but as the suspension is a touch too soft, the car tends to lean into corners at moderate speeds. The handling is a little disjointed; superb on straight roads and grippy on corners, but a touch rolly and erratic when pushed too hard on bends.