Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The cabin is simple, user-friendly and attractive. The big buttons and switches that control the heating and stereo are easy to use on the move and glow green at night. The same is true of the large speedo. It’s positioned in a small ‘pod’ on the steering column in front of the driver and can be clearly read without taking your eyes off the road. The cabin quality is surprisingly high – especially if this is your first experience of a Perodua – and there’s a bright feel to the interior.

The only criticism here is that the seats could be a little more supportive for longer journeys. However, all models have a height-adjustable steering wheel and good all-round visibility.

Every car has air conditioning, something that’s still quite rare for cars of this size and certainly of this price. As well as being ice cold on warm days, it gets rid of damp in the winter. The Myvi’s tall shape means that head room is good, while excellent interior packaging allows plenty of legroom. Two adults can sit comfortably in the back. Road and wind noise are kept to acceptable levels.