Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

The big doors have the obvious advantage of offering unrestricted access even within confined spaces, but they also raise a few issues. The big side window gives good side-visibility up to a point, however the rear pillars are thick and deep, causing a total lack of over the shoulder visibility. The wide doors mean that the seatbelts are located well behind the driver needing a bit of twisting and stretching to reach it, which would make this an unsuitable choice for elderly users.

They can’t be adjusted, either, which means they often rub on the neck – an annoyance on longer trips. The rest of the interior is attractive and features numerous coloured inserts in the seats, dash and sides which can be quickly changed should you want to refresh or replace them. Each model comes with two sets and a multitude of colours and patterns are available.

The 1007 offers a decent cabin with plenty of space up front plus supportive seats with sizeable side bolsters. Those in the back aren’t quite so well looked after though. There is adequate head and shoulder space -and with the sliding rear seats fully back – knee room is good too. However there is a shelf in the passenger footwell that limits foot space and makes the four-seat only 1007 suited only to carrying children in the back or adults for very short trips.