Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Peugeot has really focussed huge attention on improving the interior quality of the 308. It has a far more upmarket feel than the 307, with a soft touch dash, neat dials and improved switches. The overall layout is good, but the stereo and sat nav system can be fiddly to use while driving and will take a few weeks to master, while the cupholders in the centre console are too shallow.

Cabin access is made easier by the wide door openings, while the tall body means generous headroom for all and a higher seating position gives rear passengers better visibility. Legroom is good, but adequate only for smaller occupants in the rearmost seats when the car is in seven-seat mode. The third row seats are quite firm and only suitable for kids, but the rest are comfortable – even if they do lack a little support on long journeys.

Sun worshippers will love the panoramic glass sunroof, which stretches almost the whole length of the car. The glazed area is much larger than normal and makes the cabin light and airy.