Peugeot 5008 round-up

The pros and cons of life with the 5008

The Peugeot 5008 has spent three-and-a-half months covering 5,500 miles on the Parkers test fleet. It has transported kids to weekend breaks, group of friends to walks in the Peak District and picked up 30 metres square of wood flooring. It has performed daily commutes, weekly shopping trips and sporadic journeys that has seen it roll up at DIY stores and household refuse dumps (disposing of garden rubbish not the car), and all without missing a beat. Here's what we liked:

Practicality: Every people carrier should be good at this, but the 5008 makes a real virtue of it. Folding the rear seats is incredibly easy and doesn't require bulging muscles. Usefully the seats fold flat into the floor so loading bulky items is simple. The cargo net helps secure things in place, and even the front passenger seat can fold flat for really long loads (think decking or carpets).

Space: Huge amounts of it. Even with the rear most seats in place there is enough room to get a week's worth of shopping bags in the back. Compared to the Ford Grand C-Max, the 5008 has more space and more leg-room for all the passengers despite both cars being similar in size.

Value: Two ways in which the 5008 wins. Firstly, the amount of car you get for the money - the top spec Exclusive official list price is £25,095 and you get a spacious seven-seat car ideally suited to all manner of family motoring duties. Plus it comes with touches of class such as the head-up display, leather steering-wheel and large panoramic glass roof. Secondly, compare the 5008's spec and size to an equivalent 4x4, and you quickly discover the 5008 is cheaper to buy and run.

On the downside the auto version of the 2.0HDi is not as economical as the manual version plus it emits more emissions so it is a higher rate of road tax (£210 versus £165). The plastics in the rear of the car can mark easily and cleaning the roof requires a step ladder (but then there are automatic car washes).

These are minor quibbles with a car that really takes a lot of the hassle and pain that can go with merging the transport requirements of a family with the actual reality of running a family-sized car.

The 5008 also adds a genuine element of enjoyment. Kids love the optional DVD player (and the adults love the peace and quiet), the numerous cubby holes provide loads of places to stash/hide toys and sweets, and the glass roof provides a whole new way to view the world and radical options for ‘I Spy'. Any car that can consistently keep kids quiet and amused is going a long way to win the car buyers vote. Throw in the Pug's great value and it is hard to find any reason not to buy one.

Current mileage: 12404

Average mpg: 33.2