Peugeot 5008: taxing appeal

Taxing work uncovers the Peugeot 5008’s appeal

For those who have to match a company car tax budget to the needs of a large family at home, it takes a lot of head scratching to come up with a decent shortlist. Any company car driver worth his or her salt will always go diesel because of their lower emissions - and lower emissions means a lower tax bill.

So let's do the maths. For the Peugeot 5008 2.0 HDi Exclusive a company car tax driver in the 20% tax bracket will pay £123.70 a month. For higher rate tax payers that increases to £247.40 a month.

Not exactly cheap, which is largely down its CO2 emissions of 181g/km. That not only means a high BIK band of 30% but it also means fleet managers will be reluctant to list the car on their user chooser car selection because cars with emissions below 160g/km attract much bigger tax benefits for the company.

So select the same engine and trim but if you opt for a manual six-speed gearbox a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Firstly, CO2 emissions drop to 154g/km so it's more likely to make fleet managers' user chooser lists and, for a 20% tax payer, the monthly bill drops to £78.95 while a higher-rate earner pays £189.48. All for the sake of swapping an auto box for a manual. I can live with that.

Given the amount of kit fitted as standard to the top Exclusive model, the 5008's ability to swallow huge amounts of luggage and kids and the better fuel consumption of the manual (47mpg on average to the auto's 40mpg) it does make a tempting company car choice.

Yes, the manual version has 150bhp compared to the auto's 163bhp, but that doesn't stop the manual version being quicker off the line (0-62mph in 9.7 seconds, auto manages it in 10.2 seconds) and faster (top speed of 121mph compared to the auto's 118mph). In reality that isn't a huge difference in terms of performance but in terms of running costs the fuel consumption is significantly better.

So if you are considering a 5008 as company chariot then the manual is definitely the better option.

Current mileage: 7963

Average mpg: 32.4