Peugeot 5008: joins Parkers' owners fleet

Peugeot people carrier ticks all the practicality boxes

For those of us who value practicality over all things when it comes to family motoring, a people carrier is at the top of list. However, like all of us, I'm not interested in a hair-shirt treatment but still want something that not only makes motoring life easier but also enjoyable.

On paper the 5008 in this top trim level (Exclusive) has plenty to offer. First up, there are seven seats when I have several kids to take to football matches/parties/cinema outings. Folding them down is child's play (see how to) and there is decent room for five kids in the car.

There are plenty of storage and cubbies (essential for stashing games, sweeties and drinks) and the three main rear seats are individual seats so the kids can't squabble about it being unfair that they don't have a proper place to sit, plus the massive glass roof keeps it light and airy inside. When playing at being celebs the kids can also pull the blinds up behind which they can pull faces at passing cars.

Up from captains' chairs, complete with armrests, provide decent levels of comfort, though manual adjustment slightly spoils the pampering effort (electric adjust is an optional extra). Driver aids including head-up display for speed and distance-to-the-car-in-front warning (no, really) and a navigation with useful graphics that shows the road signs as you should see them at the side of the road. Smart.

Pulling power comes from a two-litre diesel mated to an six-speed auto box and is already proving punchy and parsimonious - 500 miles from a tank on average.

But can the Peugeot 5008 win hearts as well as minds? On paper it ticks many boxes but it will have its work cut out to tickle a potential car buyer's fancy? Over the next six months I will be finding out whether the people-carrying Pug can prove it has both function and form and is capable of instilling a sense of real owner's pride.

Current mileage: 7024

Average mpg: 41 (Claimed)