Peugeot 5008: takes on sliding doors

5008 versus Ford Grand C-Max

Sometimes sticking with convention can be a good thing, after all, it is tried and tested and you know where you stand. In the world of people carriers wide opening doors are best for kids to throw themselves past as they clamber into their seats. Certainly, the Pug's doors open wide but in a packed car pack will only open as wide as the car parked next to it will allow. However, rear doors that slide backwards to open face no such restriction. And with many of the new generation people carriers featuring rear sliding doors is it time for convention to change? Enter the Ford Grand C-Max. Like the 5008, the Grand C-Max comes with seven seats, frugal two-litre diesel engine, plenty of cubby holes and storage, and it feels good to drive on the road. Unlike the Peugeot 5008 though, it comes with electrically-powered doors that glide effortlessly backwards for a nice wide opening that allow kids to jump through. However, the Peugeot has a bigger interior space over the Grand C-Max, which is particularly noticeable with the two rear seats and luggage space. The 5008 has more shoulder, luggage and leg-room with the two most rear seats in place. And while multi-storey car parks seem to have ever narrower parking bays that do favour sliding rear doors, I still find I have to pull forward to allow the front passenger to get in easily. Both cars have rear seats that fold down easily, though this version of the 5008 has the optional folding front passenger seat creating an even larger load area.
So it's a bit of a score draw but for my money the 5008 gets the vote for two reasons. Firstly, I find it more practical for what I need (DIY store visits, carrying several kids and driving pleasure) and secondly, it has some techno wizardry I have found useful such as the head-up display and the optional DVD kit that keeps kids quiet on a long journey. As any parent will tell you that's priceless.

Current mileage: 8380

Average mpg: 33.2