Peugeot 5008: mixes value and premium appeal

Combining practicality with desirability

‘Daddy Racer' was a moniker used to try to enhance the appeal of a family set of wheels. Let's face it when your priorities are, Can you fit your kids' in the rear in comfort? Do the seats wipe clean? Is there enough space to fit a week's shopping in the boot? you aren't going to worry about go faster stripes and low-profile tyres.

Peugeot has enhanced the appeal of the 5008 with some premium touches. In comes head-up display, sports leather steering wheel, chrome trim on the instruments and a large panoramic roof to create a more upmarket feel. There is also the option of leather seats for an even more executive feel.

However, this is not at the expense (literally) of a fatter price tag. As previously highlighted, the 5008 represents great value compared to road-going off-roaders (so called soft-roaders). However, do some shopping around and there are some real deals to be had. First up is Peugeot's own offers with both its special edition Envy model and ‘Just add Fuel' package.

The Envy tries to maximise value for money with extra kit such as air con, tinted rear windows, alloy wheels and glass roof. Price kicks off just under £20k, a good five grand less than the Exclusive though there is no in-seat entertainment in the Envy but it is an option.

The ‘Add fuel' package is a three year deal that for a monthly payment of £425 means you get a new 5008 Envy on the road. Then all you pay for is fuel (though you are also liable for the road tax in year two and three, plus there are charges if you go over an agreed mileage rate).

For buyers already armed with cash there are some good offers out there including more than £4000 off at £20,177 for a brand new 2.0 HDi 163bhp Auto. Optional kit, such as metallic paint, are extra but that four grand saving will certainly tick a lot of boxes on the extras list.

Given the amount of discount currently out there on a 5008 and that Peugeot really has added some premium feel to the interior, this is a car that emphasises value for money as well as the practical and the premium feel.

Current mileage: 10,865

Average mpg: 32.4