Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Getting comfortable behind the wheel is easy thanks to the Peugeot RCZ’s seats and steering wheel – the latter offering huge amounts of adjustment. It’s not a bad view either, the neat instruments easy to read and the general design of the dashboard pleasing.

The standout features are the prominent circular analogue clock in the centre of the dash as well as the button that raises and lowers the rear spoiler.

Worth mentioning is the smaller Sports steering wheel, which not only feels better to use but looks better too. And though much of the interior has been lifted from the 3008 this isn’t a criticism, the quality of craftsmanship on the maker’s most recent vehicles improving drastically.

What hasn’t improved is the functionality of the controls for the new sat-nav and media system, which remains frustrating for all but the most familiar users.

Introduced in 2013, RCZ R models get sports seats along with red stitching and a plaque proclaiming the involvement of Peugeot Sport.

Unlike some of its more focused hot-hatch rivals, Peugeot RCZ comfort levels are impressive whatever the conditions. There’s very little that sends a crash or bang into the cabin, and the relatively long wheelbase does its best to soak up road imperfections without fuss.

Despite the wheelbase, the sloping rear roof does mean that if your turn your head to look behind the RCZ can feel quite snug. However, eyes forward it feels far airier, the leather dashboard flowing far out in front.

The steering wheel has masses of reach adjustment also, so those with long legs can sit far enough away from the pedals without stretching their arms too much. GT trim brings with it electric heated seats which provide even more adjustment, and prove comfortable even on longer journeys.

Drive a diesel and there’s some noticeable, but not particularly unpleasant, noise while the 200THP model has a Sound System to enhance the engine note within the cabin. In truth it’s probably the THP156 that is both the smoothest and refined option in the Peugeot.

The introduction of the RCZ R with it’s stiffer, lower suspension means a slightly firmer ride than a normal RCZ. This is especially noticeable during low speed driving on uneven surfaces, where the bumps really do transmit through the sports seats quite aggressively.

Those seats themselves are fantastic though. They’re supportive without being uncomfortable, and we’re confident they’d manage long journeys admirably.