Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5
  • Fit and finish is very good
  • Dashboard is easy to navigate
  • Clear dials and good seat adjustment 

The dashboard of the 718 Boxster is less of a button-fest compared with the previous Boxster – an easier-to-use touchscreen media system now features, and falls within easy reach.

That said, Audi’s MMI system in the TT Roadster is easier to operate, and some of the icons on the screen and associated buttons elsewhere in the Boxster’s cabin are quite small.

For example, you have to reach around the gearlever to operate the climate control, and even then the buttons are very small. Time spent behind the wheel will make this easier, though.

2019 Porsche 718 Boxster interior

You can display the sat-nav in a dial next to the rev counter, too, making it easier to follow directions at a glance. This screen can also show several different pieces of information, such as the trip computer or lap times.

Fit and finish in the Boxster’s cabin are superb, with materials and design that would look equally at home in a pricier 911, but it isn’t quite as modern as something like the Panamera with its huge screen and touch-sensitive buttons elsewhere.

It’s easy to get comfortable though, with plenty of adjustment in the seats and steering wheel. The 718 Boxster T comes without a stereo head unit as standard to save weight, but re-adding a hi-fi is a no-cost option we expect most buyers will take.


  • It’s a sports car, so the ride is firm
  • It’s never unbearable, though
  • Road and wind noise not too intrusive

Ride quality in the 718 Boxster is relatively firm, but comfort remains more than acceptable on both the optional suspension set-ups we tried, even with the largest 20-inch alloys, which makes it much more pleasant to drive around town or on the motorway.

Finding the perfect low-slung driving position is easy, and the leather sports seats combine comfort with good lateral support. The electrically operated fabric roof opens or closes in under 10 seconds and at speeds approaching 40mph, while rivals with folding hardtops such as the Mercedes-Benz SLC must be stationary.

With the roof-up, exterior noise is well suppressed – even with the roof down, you are well protected from wind buffeting.