Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

The low roofline of the Satria Neo may give it a sleeker look, but it massively hinders comfort. Anyone over six foot is likely to find themselves with their head touching the roof and having to peer under the sun visor. They'll also be in danger of banging their head on the roof getting in. The windscreen pillars are substantial and cause a blind spot which becomes more of an issue the taller you are.

There's an obvious cheapness to the plastics used and some of the switches and controls.

The Lotus-tweaked suspension may not be great for handling, but surprisingly gives a good ride quality and the Satria Neo is happy gently cruising on the motorway. However, while the sporty exhaust adds a sporty feel, the booming drone can be annoying on long journeys. The front seats are fairly supportive but the low roofline means headroom in the rear seats is tight while legroom is equally as limited.

However, wind and road noise are kept low while all cars come with air conditioning as standard.