Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

With no steering wheel adjustment, parts of the instruments are obscured for taller drivers. The rearmost pillars are also quite wide and accommodate the rear seatbelt reels, which impair rear three-quarter visibility. The mostly grey interior is brightened by the yellow-faced dials and the Clarion CD player controls are particularly clear and intuitive.

The plastics used are scratchy and feel cheap though, while the poor glove-compartment fit is another criticism of the interior.

The Savvy is offered only as a five door, which means access to the rear is simple plus there is enough headroom and legroom for a car full of six-footers. Electric front windows and air conditioning are offered on the Style – but the basic Street models make do with wind-up front windows and standard ventilation. The higher window sill in the rear compartment could appear claustrophobic to some as it reduces the glass area and the amount of light let in.

Around town the Savvy is quiet enough, but at higher speeds the engine can sounds noisy.