Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Miles per pound (mpp) Miles per pound (mpp)

Reliable fuel consumption data for comparison purposes is not available for this model.

Fuel economy

A more stringent standard for fuel economy (WLTP) was introduced from September 2017, and this model was not required to undergo that test. Its fuel economy measured under the previous test system was 35 - 41 mpg. However these figures are less likely to be achievable in real world driving and so should never be compared to another car's mpg which was measured under the newer, more realistic WLTP system.

The Koleos may be cheaper to buy than many equivalent off roaders, but weaker used prices and lower average fuel consumption make it pricier to own. It also falls into a higher VED band and company drivers will pay more tax than for some of the Renault’s competitors. Servicing should be reasonably priced and parts shouldn’t be hard to get hold of. The 100,000 mile warranty is longer than any other Renault and should give peace of mind to high mileage drivers.

Renault is sticking with diesel engines for the Koleos range and the 150 dCi version in front-wheel drive-only form is the cleanest and most economical. Even so, it’s out-performed for environmental friendliness by most rivals, with four-wheel drive and the optional auto gearbox taking a heavy toll on emissions and economy.

This has been a weak spot for Renault in the past, but as the Koleos is based on a Nissan the signs are good. Build quality is impressive and Renault supplies a 100,000 mile warranty as standard, but until the Koleos has proved itself we’ll stick with a mid-ranking score.

Ongoing running costs

Road tax (12 months) £290 - £360
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Insurance group 19 - 23
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