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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Buying new

Stick with Dynamique S trim and above to secure the portrait central screen and you’ll get yourself a good balance of kit and value for money. The lower-powered diesel engine is the cheapest to run but the dCi 130 feels much more muscular on the move, so is worth the upgrade if you do lots of miles.

Buying used

Cars with optional driver assistance or safety packages have been given a good chance at a crash-free life, and are also less likely to have picked up knocks and scrapes in low-speed manoeuvres. Plus these gadgets will make your life behind the wheel easier too.

Make sure you have a really good look around the car regardless to make sure there are no kerbed wheels or bumper-knocks that could prove costly and annoying to set straight.


Obvious stuff like giving the car a good wash and vacuum, plus keeping a file of any work and maintenance you’ve had done, will help you reel in prospective buyers.

It’s also worth getting a decent set of pictures done and listing your car on enthusiast websites, particularly if it’s the sportier GT version which should attract a fanbase of its own.

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